Let’s play a little wedding photography game: Select 10 random photographers in Atlanta and look through their online portfolios.
As you scroll through images, something amazing will start to happen. Some of the work will draw your eye and pull you into an entire wedding story, while you glaze over others. So, what makes some shots stand out from the pack? Is it composition, posing or the setting? According to Mike Moone Studio, those all have some effect, but there is one aspect that really changes a photograph for the better: Lighting.
While “natural light” photography has been on the tip of a lot of tongues in the industry, it’s important to understand how a natural-light photographer approaches a setting that doesn’t have big windows or a sunny sky, and not to mention, those evening getaway shots after the sun has set!
Mike Moon Studio shared their approach with us to put brides at ease: “At Mike Moon Studio we believe that lighting is the most important aspect of wedding photography. We believe this so strongly that we developed our own proprietary lighting system we call Moonlite.”
Moonlite is a system that allows Mike Moone Studio to provide the look of studio lighting, but with the fluidity that a wedding day demands. Meaning, every picture has perfect lighting no matter what weather or situation your wedding day brings! Talk about putting brides’ hearts at ease.
The best part of this system? Because they are able to replicate the look across their entire photography team, it reduces costs for high-end photography, and cuts down time on getting your pics back so you can get amazing shots at a value, and quick.
To learn more about this unique process and all that is unique about Mike Moon Studio, check them out here.
All Photos Courtesy of Mike Moon Studio. 
Mike Moon Studio is full-service photography company specializing in Weddings and commercial work. Mike Moon Studio believes that high-quality, award-winning wedding photography and videography should be within everyone’s reach. The team of photographers is built around one core principle: Be the best value in the wedding industry. We accomplish this by providing consistently high-quality photography coupled with our award-winning customer service and all at a price that leaves the competition wondering, “How do they do it?” 

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