Meet {palate} | catering & design

Think you don’t know {palate}? Think again! The Atlanta wedding industry knows this stellar design team and amazing caterer as Glorious Events. After 30 years in the business, Glorious Events has taken on a new persona to reflect their vision of the perfect guest experience.


Meet {palate}

{palate} by Venetian Room is a catering and event design service where exceptional food and sophisticated design converge. Their approach blends years of innovation perfectly with your tastes and style to create one of a kind celebrations throughout Atlanta. They believe simplicity is elegant and their events are made unique with creative haute cuisine, international style and an experience that is second to none.


The {palate} team uses a think-tank recipe bringing all departments together to focus on each and every event detail. They guarantee not only an enjoyable seamless production, but an event that leaves lasting impressions on all who attend.

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