Get to Know the Pro | Monica Jackson-Burel

Meet Monica Jackson-Burel, Director of Marketing & Sales at Luxury Lounge & Lighting

How long have you been working in the industry? 16 years

Where are you originally from? California

If married, what was your wedding like? Would you change anything? My wedding was beautiful. I wouldn’t change a thing because I used great local vendors, a great venue and a great groom.

If you were not working in the wedding industry, you would be…? I would still be working in the events industry as that is my first love to help plan, design and execute fabulous events.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? I love spending time with my family doing family oriented activities. I like traveling and seeing everything this world has to offer.

Coffee or Tea? I love Chai Tea

Favorite singer? Bruno Mars

Morning person or night person? I am a morning person. I love the start of a new day with new adventures and new beginnings. 

Favorite wedding trend? Customizing everything with the couple’s monogram

Favorite wedding tradition? Sand ceremony

Favorite wedding cake flavor? Strawberry

Find out more about Luxury Lounge & Lighting by contacting Monica at 404-645-1158 or email her at 

Luxury Lounge & Lightung is Atlanta’s premier lounge décor & lighting company. The Southeast’s largest selection of lounge furniture, LED furniture, creative lighting, modern chiavari chairs, draping, A/V solutions. Visit them online at

January Bridal Extravaganza Award Winners

Atlanta’s best wedding professionals pulled out all the stops and wowed engaged couples at Bridal Extravaganza! It was a difficult decision but brides and grooms chose their favorites. Drum roll please…announcing the award winners from the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta on January 29, 2017! Congratulations! They all were amazing!

Best Gallery Design Award

Barnsley Gardens Resort, Events of a Lifetime, Shean Strong Floral Design, Collection Event Furnishings and Paper Parfait

Bride’s Choice Award

Perfect Wedding Cake

Best Booth Award

Venatanas and EventScapes

Spirit Award 

Impression Bridal

Photos by Janet Howard Studio

Get to Know the Pro | Gillian Marto

Meet Gillian Marto of Events of A Lifetime. You can also view some of Gillian’s amazing events on her blog.

How long have you been working in the industry? 5 years

Where are you originally from? Jamaica

Married? Children? Married with 2 teenagers and dog Biscuit

If married, what was your wedding like? Would you change anything? I’ve been married for 20 years!!! My wedding was magical…still talked about today. We had all our flowers shipped from Jamaica and we released doves at the ceremony.

If you were not working in the wedding industry, you would be…? Fashion Designer ~ Bridal

What do you like to do when you’re not working? Hanging out with my husband and kids, traveling, yoga and lunch with girlfriends.

Favorite place in Atlanta for dinner? Kyma

What is one of the biggest challenges you face in running your business? Balancing my time between my family and work.

Favorite place to vacation? Santorini Greece

What song played at weddings do you never want to hear again? The Electric Slide

Coffee or tea? Tea

Mac or PC? MAC

Favorite social media outlet? Facebook and Instagram

Favorite wedding trend? Grandparents in the bridal party.

Favorite first dance song? John Legend ~ All of Me.

Favorite wedding venue? Villa Vizcaya Miami

Favorite celebrity bride? Celine Dion

Gillian and her amazing team are innovators and trendsetters best known for their creative ideas, unexpected decor and exquisite attention to every last detail. Gillian’s bubbly personality and calm demeanor helps her clients relax as she creates their Event Of A Lifetime!

Find out more about Events For A Lifetime by contacting Gillian at 770.595.9115 or email

Visit them online at

Get to Know the Pro | Peggy Ewing

Meet Peggy Ewing, Catering Event Sales Manager at Artmore Hotel.peggy

How long have you been working in the industry? 20 years

Where are you originally from? I’m an Airforce brat, so a little bit of everywhere.

Married? Children? I am married to a wonderful man named David for almost 20 years. We have four children and three grandchildren between the two of us. 

What was your wedding like? Would you change anything? Because it was our second marriage for both of us we had a small wedding of about 40 people at my brother-in-law’s house. He has a beautiful backyard with a pool and gazebo. My youngest son was six at the time and he walked me down the aisle and gave me away. My daughter was my maiden of honor and my other two boys were our groomsmen. My husband sang to me as I walked down the aisle. It was perfect!

If you were not working in the wedding industry, you would be…? If I wasn’t in the wedding industry, I would be doing marketing for a large company.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? I love spending time with my husband. All of our children are grown and live out of the state, so we love traveling to see them. We also love the mountains and spend a lot of time enjoying God’s beautiful country.

Biggest pet peeve? My biggest pet peeve is rude people. Just be nice that’s it.

Favorite sports team? Alabama Crimson Tide!

Favorite song right now? My favorite right now is “The Prayer” by David Archuleta

Favorite wedding trend? I love that brides are moving away from the large rounds for their reception and going with large rectangle tables or a mixture of squares and rounds. I also love the Rustic Chic look. It brings in so many new elements to the tables. Just beautiful!

Favorite first dance song? Cinderella

Favorite wedding cake flavor? I love that you can pick a couple of different flavors now, allowing something for everyone.

Find out more about Artmore Hotel by contacting Peggy Ewing at or 404-201-7555

Meet {palate} | catering & design

Think you don’t know {palate}? Think again! The Atlanta wedding industry knows this stellar design team and amazing caterer as Glorious Events. After 30 years in the business, Glorious Events has taken on a new persona to reflect their vision of the perfect guest experience.


Meet {palate}

{palate} by Venetian Room is a catering and event design service where exceptional food and sophisticated design converge. Their approach blends years of innovation perfectly with your tastes and style to create one of a kind celebrations throughout Atlanta. They believe simplicity is elegant and their events are made unique with creative haute cuisine, international style and an experience that is second to none.


The {palate} team uses a think-tank recipe bringing all departments together to focus on each and every event detail. They guarantee not only an enjoyable seamless production, but an event that leaves lasting impressions on all who attend.

Explore your palate at {} | | 770.455.FOOD


Get to Know the Pro | Garnet O’Connor

Meet Garnet O’Connor, owner of Garnet O’Connor Photography.garnet

How long have you been working in the industry? Since 2004

Where are you originally from? West Palm Beach, FL

Married? Children? Recently married October 2014

What was your wedding like? Would you change anything? Our wedding was fantastic. We got married at the Marriott Marques Downtown Atlanta. We had friends and family from all over celebrate with us. My biggest concern was I thought after shooting so many weddings that it would feel like just another day at the office. I got so caught up seeing my wife walk down the aisle that photography did not even cross my mind. I really enjoyed the day as a groom.

If you were not working in the wedding industry, you would be…? I would be in the IT field.

What do you like to do when you’re not working? Watching the latest comedy or action movie.

Favorite place for dinner? J Alexander’s

Favorite place to vacation? Dominican Republic. We went there on our honeymoon.

Favorite cocktail or drink? Vodka & Cranberry

Favorite TV show? Shark Tank

Morning or night person? Without a doubt a night person

Favorite wedding trend? Bride & Groom first look

Favorite cake flavor?  Red Velvet

Favorite first dance song? Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

Find out more about Garnet O’Conner Photography by contacting Garnet at or 678-478-5670