Behind the Design: Utopian Events

Hundreds of brides come from all over the Southeast for Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta, making it the perfect place for vendors to show off. And while you may be tempted to keep things fairly generic to try to appeal to lots of different styles of bride, we recommend that instead you take a cue from Utopian Events and do the opposite.

At the August 2017 Bridal Extravaganza, brides were blown away by the glamour and magnitude of the Utopian Events gallery. Since the company is known for their extravagant backdrops, we had high expectations for what they would put in their gallery, and they did not disappoint. Brides agreed, gasping as they entered the room and saw what Utopian Events had created.

Angelica Boyd, one of the designers behind the display, filled us in on what had gone into its inception and creation. Wanting to break away from the blush and gold trends of 2017, they took their cues from the ultra-chic, ultra-modern silver and white table linens, embracing the square pattern throughout the rest of the design.

Silver with yellow and green accents combined with mirrors and cascading crystals created a contemporary look that caught the attention of every bride that walked into the room. Angelica Boyd is quick to cite her team as a key to their success. They are all actively involved in the planning, sometimes even arguing over different elements to ensure that only the best designs are created on their watch. They take their inspiration from everyday things and use them as the base for entire wedding concepts, creating cohesive looks that speak to the people who use them.

For Utopian Events, it’s all about the look of awe they get when a bride and groom see their fully designed space for the first time. And not every bride will want a contemporary, geometric design like this, but every bride did know walking through that gallery that Utopian Events would be able to tastefully and beautifully design around a single piece of inspiration.

Utopian Events is one of Atlanta’s premier wedding and event decor and design companies. Their team specializes in florals, centerpiece design, ceremony altars, mandaps, aisle way, backdrops, bouquets and other personal flowers, reception stages, backdrops, table design, specialty linens, charger plates, chiavari chairs and so much more. Utopian Events is headquartered in Atlanta and travels all over the United States.